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Sample Maker 2D allows you to make packaging and display designs that can be resized in one second.
You can use this product to create parametric designs from scratch.

It also has a library of 600 standard default designs that you can use or you can edit the library design parameters
to meet your specifications.

Sample Maker 2D working layout with a constructed design and the Browser window

Michael Collins first started working in the Packaging industry in 1980 at a Company called Bay City Container.

He was hired to do isometric assembly instructions. He also did his apprenticeship as a structural packaging designer under Steve Anderson at Bay City’s.

Mike Collins became employed as a structural packaging designer at Western Kraft / Willamette Industries 1983. Michael worked on one of the very first five CAD systems with in the packaging industry Called AEI CAD. Which over the years has Evolved into Artios / Esko. During this time Michael worked on the very first IBM personal desktop computer that used a 8086 processor running at 8 MHz with a 15 MB hard drive. AEI cad was Parametric-based. This is where Michael obtained all of his parametric CAD training and structural design experience. While employed at Western Kraft, Michael won numerous Popai awards for pop displays.

In 1987 Michael became employed with one of the largest steel rule die manufacturers in Los Angeles California named US steel rule dies ...  During this time a separate corporation was formed called US CAD/CAM... US CAD/CAM sold three separate cad programs.

  1.  AEI cad / Designer workbench / Artios CAD.
  2.  Ovation CAD/CAM which ran on The very first Apple/Macintosh computers.
  3.  Ginline CAD which later became Ardin / impact.

In 1989 Michael was introduced to Ashlar Cad by Michael Flin at Scope Packaging. Ashlar was unique as it had a parametric CAD engine which ran on both Macintosh and Windows. Michael started consulting with Ashlar / Martin Newell in early 1990. This same year Michael created a extensive parametric box library that worked with Ashlar-Vellum... In late 1990 Michael's library was combined with some special scripts that Martin Newell wrote for The packaging industry... This high bread version of Ashlar-Vellum was so successful and popular with the package designers...

Ashlar in 1991 decided to make it a complete separate product which was called Ashlar Score!

In 1997 Michael Collins founded RulesSoftware and programed Rules and Steel Rules with the help of Sean Arney. In 2002 There was a dispute between the owners of Score! Cad and RulesSoftware where at this time it was found that RulesSoftware owned all the rights to the perimetric library and the Intellectual Property contained inside Score!


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